Free Six Video Conference Software

This is six the best video and audio conferencing free software downloaded from the Internet.

Skype number One, so far to obtain them, because it has a good balance between quality video and audio. But his quality video in full screen could be better.

Video: Full Screen video supported video in real time is about 30 frames per second. Is not nervous, but it is unclear at times.

Audio: Audio is very strong. The sound quality is very good very little or no feedback.

SightSpeed SightSpeed has a very good video quality at certain times. But the sound is not very good.

Video: Full Screen Video supported SightSpeed is the best video output of most programs. Real-time video is 25 frames per second. Sometimes the video is a ghosting seconds. The video is also sometimes stops/pauses

Sound: The sound is OK. Sometimes it is uncomfortable. Other times, the sound becomes very loud and it goes very slowly for a few seconds later. There are also some audio commentary.

ooVoo "is a very nice video chat program where you can chat with more than one person at a time. But it has some bugs.

Video: The video is in real time at about 30 frames per second. The video is very clear, but it is not capable of full screen. After clicking a few buttons to maximize eventually filled nearly half of the screen. It would be nice if it was greater. In addition, the video looks good, but every 30 seconds there is a lot of pixels on the screen that covers the waste peoples faces, but the mills have disappeared after about 5-10 seconds.

Audio: Audio is very clear. It does not sound like a robot. However, the audio is very quiet. I want to play better the rating,but is stronger.

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) is a popular instant messaging software. It is also very good for video conferencing and voice.

Video: Full Screen video supported video in real time is approximately 25 frames per second. But the picture seems to consist of large blocks of pixels.

Audio: Audio is very good. There is no audio feedback.

Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger) has video conferencing capabilities, but not the best.

Video: Full screen video supported video is in real time at about 30 frames per second. But the colors are very dark, and it is quite unclear.

Audio: The audio sometimes stutters and cut the soil. It also echoes the times.

Yahoo Messenger has not improved their time voice and video chat. It is behind the quality of play. It is also difficult to start. To watch this video, you must click on Action - webcam' and start the video, you must click on Action >> Invite to view my webcam" For audio, simply click the order called.

Video: Full screen video supported video is only about 10 frames per second. The quality is not good. He is very nervous. In full screen edges are jagged and the video is blurry. It breaks too often.

Sound: The sound is grating feedback.